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Hiring is the most important thing your company does. Tempo is here to make it simple. Get all the information you want from the get-go, and run a smooth, candidate-friendly hiring process including screening, video interviews and offers. Whether you’re rapidly scaling your team with temp staff or looking for the perfect permanent hire, our platform matches you to candidates instantly. Cut out the faff and reduce your recruitment costs by up to 65%.


Our platform is used by some of the UK’s fastest growing companies, connecting 80,000 jobseekers to non-technical roles on a temporary or permanent basis.

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1. Create profile

Our smart tech matches you to candidates instantly, based on experience, skills, preferences and more. With detailed candidate profiles including videos and ratings you get all the information you want, from the get-go. Shortlist, request more information and invite people to interviews directly within the platform.

2. Get matched

The Tempo platform lets you to run a smooth, candidate-friendly hiring process. From screening, messaging and video interviews all the way through to offers, everything is managed in one place. For temp hires, we even do all the back office admin and payroll, so you don’t have to.

3. Make your hire

Tempo has been an incredibly useful tool for our recruitment process. We couldn’t imagine hiring at that scale without them.

Operations Analyst, Monzo

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